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We couldn't get through the week without the help of our wonderful student workers and volunteers. They assist in everyday tasks, as well as in research and special projects.

Opportunities are available for all ages from high school through retired.



MeasuringEsoxMeasuring Esox specimensVolunteers of all ages are always welcome and much appreciated! We are flexible and will work around your schedule.

  • To volunteer with the Biodiversity Collections, please email one of the curators or collection managers in the division that most interests you for more information.

We request that you be available for at least one 3-4 hour shift a week. We are not open on the evenings or weekends.

Tasks you will be working on — labeling and shelving specimen jars, pinning and labeling insects, loan packaging, specimen preparation and sorting (preliminary identifications), specimen inventory, specimen photography, and data entry. There is also always general lab and clerical work to do: washing labware, restocking supplies, preparing chemical solutions, scanning journal articles and other documents, and database entry.

  • To volunteer at a field lab, working as a research assistant or to participate in outdoor service and outreach activities, you can be a UT student or a member of the public. If you are interested in serving as a volunteer at our field stations, contact our field station leadership team.

Undergraduate Research

We have many opportunities for independent research projects dealing with biology/evolution/ecology of insects, fishes, amphibians and reptiles, plants and more. Learn more about these in EUREKA!

Contact a scientist, curator or collections manager in the research area that most interests you.