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New graduate student funds in biodiversity research

We are pleased to announce funding, supported by a generous gift from the Winkler Family Foundation to the Biodiversity Center, to support graduate student research in Biodiversity. The fund for UT graduate students will provide support for unanticipated research supplies and laboratory charges to help graduate students complete Dissertation Research projects in Biodiversity. Proposals should not be for start-up funds, or the primary research funds for the dissertation, for which other funds are available. Rather, finishing graduate students who encounter unexpected research expenses (such as research supplies or core-facility charges) that are needed to complete their dissertation in biodiversity studies (in any graduate program) may apply for funding. There is no deadline for applying; applications can be made as needed. In addition to a brief (one-page) description of the research, the proposal should explain the outside sources of funding that the student has applied for and received to support the research, and an explanation of the remaining shortfall (why additional, unexpected funds are need for completion of the dissertation research). Travel support and fellowship support are not supported; the proposals should be for direct research supplies or core-facility charges that will be paid by the Biodiversity Center. "Biodiversity studies” means any research that relates to the understanding of biodiversity, including research in ecology, evolution, behavior, systematics, and comparative genetics. Research that involves the Biodiversity Center Field Stations or Collections will be prioritized for funding, but use of the Biodiversity Center facilities is not a prerequisite for funding. Please send requests for funding to Nicole Elmer, Communications Coordinator, at nicole.elmer[at]austin.utexas.edu.

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