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Students Excel in Stengl-Wyer REU InSTInCT Program

threestudents L-R: Autumn Magnuson, Alexander Avalos, Emma Rust The Stengl-Wyer Endowment is the largest endowment in the history of the College of Natural Sciences. It supports UT Austin’s programming in ecology and biological research, with a focus on the study of the diversity of life and interactions between living things and their natural environme...
Meet Outreach Program Coordinator: Laurel Treviño

Meet Outreach Program Coordinator: Laurel Treviño

 Laurel setting up the lab for the Native Bees of Texas course. Laurel Treviño is Outreach Program Coordinator in Dr. Shalene Jha’s lab in the Department of Integrative Biology. Members of the Jha Lab examine ecological and evolutionary processes across biological scales, from genes to landscapes, to quantify global change impacts on plant-...