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Boozing for the Bees (and Other Creatures)

Boozing for the Bees (and Other Creatures)

 Two gins from WildGins. While downing a few cocktails might not be so great for the liver, it can be good for biodiversity. Yes. You read that right. When you enjoy the spirits from these two Texas distillers and this conservation group, you are also supporting biological diversity and nature conservation close to home.  WILDGINS &nbs...

Texas Biodiversity Day

TexasBiodiversityDay Apr2018 5  If you happened to be strolling down the East Mall on the warm afternoon of April 23rd, you might have noticed some tables holding cases of pinned insects, or perhaps some skulls and specimen jars. The event you passed was for Texas Biodiversity Day, and the Biodiversity Center participated to promote outreach and awareness, and to assist...