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Educators and researchers at UT have been pioneers in biodiversity for a long time. From increasing plant specimens in our collections to preventing extinction of certain species, their work has been vast and varied, while also contributing to increased focus on the importance of biodiversity, both here in Texas and beyond.

This will be an evolving series of profiles on those in the UT community that have advanced our understanding of biodiversity research.

Hubbs 02 Simpson William Morton Wheeler

Clark Hubbs (Ichthyology)

Beryl Simpson (Botany)

William Morton Wheeler (Entomology)

 Young Mary Blair2  Pianka thumbnail 2 

Mary Sophie Young (Botany)

W. Frank Blair (Herpetology) 

Eric Pianka (Herpetology)
Turner Lundellia BW web Ryan web   

Billie L. Turner (Botany)

 Michael Ryan (Herpetology)