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Learn more about our biodiversity research, education and public engagement.

Mission and Purpose

The Biodiversity Center is paving the way for a brighter Texas future through the study of natural resources that will help protect them for future generations.


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Meet the center’s leaders, who foster groundbreaking research and lead impactful student and community engagement.


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Projects & Resources

Biodiversity Center projects and resources support a community of learners beyond the bounds of the UT campus, from our invasive species research to the free outreach lecture series, Science Under the Stars.


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A Legacy of Leadership Giving

UT’s Biodiversity Center benefits from high-impact gifts that are helping the University preserve and protect biodiversity for generations to come. From competitive postdoctoral scholarship programs to endowment gifts that will support research sites in perpetuity, these gifts set UT’s research in biodiversity apart from the pack.


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Find details about what exists within our UT biodiversity collections, species identified over decades of research at UT field stations and information about native plants of North America.



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