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UT Spring Bee Competition: Launches in early spring annually. The contest rules are that anyone in the UT College of Natural Sciences community (staff, students, faculty) be the first to submit a 2022 photo of a Travis County mason bee.

Rationale: One measure of our changing climate is the shifting dates of emergence of our earliest spring flowers and insects. As Texas warms, some of our local bees may start coming out earlier in the year, and the Biodiversity Center would like to encourage you to help keep watch for the first bee activity of the year.

The 2022 competition winner was Paige Durant. The 2023 competition winner was Caroline Chessher.

In 2022, UT Landscape Services and BEEVO students added to UT campus pollinator habitat by installing a new pollinator garden in the Painter Hall courtyard.

Saturday, July 16, 2022 marked the observation of "Pollinator Day."

2017: “The Buzz About Bees: How They Improve Our Livesis an ESI Hot Science Cool Talk by Dr. Shalene Jha that explains pollination services in ecosystems and how human land management impacts species interactions. You can access the recording by clicking here.


National Calender of Events Observed by Bee Campus USA


Annual Events Related to Pollinators

Earth Day, April 22 https://earthday.org
Arbor Day, last Friday in April https://arborday.org/celebrate
National Wildflower Week, first week in May https://wildflower.org/wildflowerweek
Garden for Wildlife Month, May


World Bee Day - May 20 https://www.un.org/en/observances/bee-day/background
International Biodiversity Day, May 22 https://www.cbd.int/idb
Butterfly Education Awareness Day, first Saturday in June https://afbeducation.org/butterfly-conservation/butterfly-education-and-awareness-day/
National Garden Week, first full week of June https://gardenclub.org/projects/national-garden-week.aspx
National Pollinator Week, third week of June https://pollinator.org/pollinator-week
National Moth Week, last full week of July https://nationalmothweek.org
National Honey Bee Day, third Saturday in August https://nationalhoneybeeday.com
National Honey Month - September https://www.honey.com/blog/celebrate-national-honey-month-with-these-10-tips
National Bat Week, last week of October https://batweek.org