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Melissa Kemp Combines Art and Science in Study of Lizards

Melissa Kemp, an assistant professor in the Department of Integrative Biology, studies how extinction, biological diversification and colonization are shaped by environmental upheavals.

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Campus Biodiversity: Pigeons



Visualizing Science 2018: Beauty and Inspiration in College Research

Winners of the 2018 Visualizing Science contest include images of nanomaterials, the connection between chaos and electronics and a glimpse into the aural lives of the elderly.

A pseudocolored transmission electron micrograph of nanodroplets filled with paramagnetic metals and perfluorocarbon materials.


5 Things Scientists Say to Try in Your Yard This Spring


Closeup of coral honeysuckle blooms


What’s the Buzz: Reflecting on a Life's Work Inspired by Pollinators

Shalene Jha has been interested in pollinators her entire life. Now, as an assistant professor, she studies the interactions of native bees and plant communities for a living.

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Graduate Students Ensure Science Under the Stars Shines Bright

The free, monthly public lecture series was founded and is run completely by students in the Plant Biology and Ecology, Evolution and Behavior (EEB) graduate programs.

A mother and child attend Science Under the Stars.


2015 Summer Blockbusters: Meet Our Science Truth Detector

With summer movie season in full swing, cinema-goers are leaving theaters with one big question in mind: “Wait, could that really happen?”

Cartoon characters representing different feelings stand around a control console